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Skip the classroom and hours of excess training. Our online concealed carry classes allow you to get the information, the safety instruction and the training you need to carry a firearm to protect you and your family.

A few words from our students!

Brian is an excellent instructor.

Nina C.

I appreciated being able to take the course online! Brian is an excellent instructor and easy to understand. He is very thorough with weapon knowledge as well as providing information for the laws required to know to obtain a CCW permit. This is a great way to take the CCW course on your own time without having to sit in a classroom all day in the current pandemic situation.

Convenient and a great price!

Patrick K.

Your site looks great and is mobile responsive. I enjoyed your class over my previous CC class. Your class was a lot less boring, convenient, and a great price.

Great Value!


Great value for a 1 hour video class. Easy to understand and valuable info for gun owners.



Quick, easy and kind service!

Kathy D.

I am a 64 yr. old woman. I have been around guns my whole life but never took a class for concealed carry. Planning on doing some RV travelling, I looked into getting my certification. I took the Virginia class. The information I received from Brian's class was helpful and answered questions I never thought about with this chapter of my life. Thank you Brian for all the information for concealed carry.


You have many options when it comes to your concealed carry permit training. One decision is if you want to take this class in person or using an online platform. Here is why we think Firearm Freedom’s online training model is the way to go.

  • The information in a classroom is the exact same information that you will receive taking this class online.

  • Our online platform is the most convenient way to get the required training necessary to apply for your concealed carry permit. Our in person classes average 6 hours long. Our online courses are 60 minutes for the Iowa, Oregon, Idaho and resident and non-resident permits for Maine and 90 minutes for the Tennessee permit.

  • Regardless of how you complete your CCW training, you still need to put in the work to be competent with a handgun. This will take many hours at the range and thousands of rounds through your firearm. You might as well get the paperwork out of the way, get your class work done, then you can focus on your craft.

  • Your instructor’s passion for teaching this class is just as noticeable online as it is in the classroom.

Is It Legal To Do My Concealed Carry Permit Training Online?

The answer to this question is based on which permit you are trying to obtain. Currently, Tennessee, Iowa, Idaho, Oregon, and Maine (even for non-residents) allow you to get your certification online.

  • NRA Certified Instructors

    One way to complete your concealed carry permit training is to take any class by an NRA certified instructor. Your class will be taught by a seasoned, nationally certified NRA instructor with years of in-person and online class experience.

  • Recommendations from the Highest Authorities

    Our classes have been recommended to the civilian market by several Police Chiefs across the country. The information given in this class will help you make the right decisions in a moment of high-stress.

  • Join Thousands of Successful Permit Holders

    Thousands of students have completed our online program and have successfully obtained their Tennessee, Iowa and Oregon concealed carry permits.

Enroll In Firearm Freedom’s Online Concealed Carry Class Today And Receive:

  • Instant access to the course from the moment you sign up.

  • 60 minutes from start to finish for Maine, Iowa and Oregon students and 90 minutes start to finish for Tennessee students.

  • Immediate access to your certificate of completion that meets the training requirement for your state’s permit.

  • Never ending ability to rewatch lessons if questions arise or you simply need a refresher.

  • A lesson plan that includes: 1. Basic Firearm Safety 2. Proper safety practices 3. Firearm and holster recommendations 4. Federal restrictions and off-limit carry locations 5. State specific rules, requirements and laws regarding carrying a firearm 6. Situational awareness


Senior Instructor

Brian Rollett

Brian Rollett is an NRA certified instructor who has taught concealed weapon permit classes to students all across the US. He has a passion for teaching and enjoys helping citizens safely arm themselves. His hobbies are his family, classic cars and skydiving.