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Why Firearm Freedom?

  • Completely Online

    With our online training model, there is no scheduling, no crazy long classes. Get certified in a flash! (Some classes still have to meet in person)

  • Legally carry your firearm

    Get legal! Your course meets all the state required training needed to apply for your state’s concealed handgun permit!

  • Experienced Instructor

    Brian is an experienced instructor that uses easy to understand language and easy to follow lesson plans.


Senior Instructor

Brian Rollett

Brian Rollett is an NRA certified instructor who has taught concealed weapon permit classes to students all across the US. He has a passion for teaching and enjoys helping citizens safely arm themselves. His hobbies are his family, classic cars and skydiving.

A few words from our students!

Brian is an excellent instructor.

Nina C.

I appreciated being able to take the course online! Brian is an excellent instructor and easy to understand. He is very thorough with weapon knowledge as well as providing information for the laws required to know to obtain a CCW permit. This is a great way to take the CCW course on your own time without having to sit in a classroom all day in the current pandemic situation.

Convenient and a great price!

Patrick K.

Your site looks great and is mobile responsive. I enjoyed your class over my previous CC class. Your class was a lot less boring, convenient, and a great price.

Great Value!


Great value for a 1 hour video class. Easy to understand and valuable info for gun owners.



Quick, easy and kind service!

Kathy D.

I am a 64 yr. old woman. I have been around guns my whole life but never took a class for concealed carry. Planning on doing some RV travelling, I looked into getting my certification. I took the Virginia class. The information I received from Brian's class was helpful and answered questions I never thought about with this chapter of my life. Thank you Brian for all the information for concealed carry.