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$199 for the first hour or you can upgrade your experience.

  • $50.00

    $50.00Exotic Car Ride Along

    Add an additional 30 minutes to your experience
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  • $75.00

    $75.00Exotic Car Ride Along

    Add an additional 1 hour and make it the ultimate experience.
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Why Use Exotic Car Ride Along?

  • Crazy Sweet Get Around

    Think of this as a fancy Uber service. Get a ride to or from work, to the airport, or as a surprise pick up for somebody special.

  • One of a Kind Experience

    This is the only service of its kind in the KC area.

  • We are on your time.

    With many different timeframes and pricing options, use the time however you feel. If there is a scenic drive in your area, do it! If you just want a nice ride around town, that is fine too!



  • What COVID restrictions are you taking?

    As of this moment, we are requiring a vaccination card with matching ID or a mask must be worn the entire trip, covering your nose and mouth. This is a non-negotiable. If you are not concerned for your safety and ours, we are happy to cancel your experience.

  • What vehicle will I be picked up in?

    We are currently using a 1999 Dodge Viper RT/10, silver with blue stripes. This car does have modified exhaust. she's fast and pretty loud.

  • Where will we go on this ride along?

    Anyplace you choose. This is your time, we do not have any preplanned routes. We cannot take this vehicle on any racetrack. We do abide by the speed limits of all roads...not to say we can't get up to speed quickly ; )

  • Who should not use this service?

    Anyone uncomfortable with another person driving them, in close quarters. Anyone intoxicated or anyone with a bad attitude, this is a private vehicle and you will be let out of the car if you are unruly. Anyone with large amounts of baggage, this is a tiny sportscar with minimal storage room.

  • What can and can't I bring on this trip?

    You are welcome to bring along anything that will help you enjoy your time with us. Cameras, cell phones, go pro cameras are all welcome. No food, drink or anything sharp in your pockets will be allowed.

  • What if I need to cancel my experience?

    You may cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled ride along without penalty. Reach out to us ASAP. Since it is tricky to fill your spot with less notice, we will not refund any additional services that you have purchased beyond this timeframe.

  • Why would my trip be postponed?

    The Dodge Viper is a very dangerous car to drive in the rain or on wet roads. The owner reserves the right to reschedule your experience up until 2 hours before your scheduled time. This is also a very high performance car that takes a tremendous amount of upkeep and maintenance. If any unforeseen breakdown occurs, you will be notified ASAP to reschedule your experience.

  • What other fees will I be charged?

    If your pickup/drop-off location is more than 20 miles from zip code 64157, you will be charged a $25 fuel surcharge. All additional fees will be collected at the time of pickup in cash or credit card.

Your Driver

Senior Driver

Brian Rollett

Brian has a passion for all things on wheels. He has owned 55 cars, most of which are special or unique in some kind of way. Brian loves to share his passion of cars with others. Aside from the daily car cruising, his other hobbies are his family and he is a certified skydiver.